Donald Trump is as Phony as this

Three Dollar Bill!

Why You Ask?  

Let's Indict Trump!

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     Ask Google {Donald Trump Lies} and you'll get over 43 million results.
     For decades Trump has been lying about donate his profits from scores of businesses to charities.  He promised the profits from his first book to fight AIDS and promised contestant after contestant on Celebrity Apprentice that he'd give tens of thousands of dollar out of his own pocket to each their favorite charities.  Yet, he never gave a dime of his own money. 

     Because he has lied to the public over and over again to line his own pockets and those of his publishers and other business partners Let’s Indict Trump is trying to get over one million signatures on a petition to the Attorney General of New York State asking him to bring racketeering felony charges against Trump to a grand jury before Election Day.
     Election Day is approaching fast and getting one million signatures can be expensive, so we're asking you for at least a token donating to help put Trump in the Big House instead of the White House. 
     For a $5.00 donation Let's Indict Trump will send you a printable .pdf file so you can print as many of your own Trump Three Dollar Bills as you want.

For larger donations, Let's Indict Trump will send you professionally printed Trump Three Dollar Bills more Trump Goodies including the Bumper Sticker below.  
See Rewards to the Right ~~~~~>>>>



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If we had our way for Three Dollars Let’s Indict Trump would send you a pdf file so you can print your own Trump Bills at home. 

No to Trump!
We’ll send 10 professionally printed Trump Bills & the pdf file so you can print even more Trump Bills to give to friends, family & even Trump supporters.

F*** Trump
Let’s Indict Trump will send you One Hundred professionally printed Trump Bills so you can bribe your Senator, Congressman, or Governor to stop supporting Trump!

F*** Trump Plus
Let’s Indict Trump will send you 300 professionally printed Trump Bills and 300 Scalia Bribery Bills for all sorts of Fun and Mischief!

Vinyl Bumper Sticker 3 inches by 11 inches

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     DISCLAIMER>>> Although Let's Indict Trump Three Dollar Bills will be the same size as the bills in your wallet they are "Novelty Bills" and a "Political Statement".  You must not attempt to purchase anything in any store or pay anyone money that you owe them with these bills or to pass them off as real currency to any unsuspecting ordinary person because according to U.S. Federal Codes that would be counterfeiting.
     Once our $10,000 Scalia Bribery Bills are available {around October First!} feel free to send them to your Congressman and Senators because as Mark Twain said "There is no distinctly American criminal class - except Congress" ~ So they won't qualify as an ordinary person like you or me.​
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Official Citizens United Political Bribe Bills

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​Make America Great Again!

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